Stage 3 Experimenting with different materials

For this sample I decided to use a lot of different materials. I had already used several different materials during stage 2, but I wanted to try other some more different materials and mix those materials together to see which effects I could achieve.

I started with the Soumak technique. I have used wrapping ribbon, wrapping ribbon, strips of fabric and eyelash yarn. I also tried weaving strips of old tights with yarn. I am really pleased with the results.

Soumak technique.

Soumak technique.

I continued with plain weaving. I cut a drinking straw in pieces and used it together with some yarn to weave through the weft. Furthermore, I used eyelash yarn, wrapping ribbon, organza, blue tissue paper, a strip cut from a plastic bag and sisal. I especially like the look of the pieces of drinking straw.

Close-up of plain weaving.

Close-up of plain weaving.

After the plain weaving, I made a couple of rows of Ghiordes Knots. I used different types of yarn for this.

Ghiordes Knot close-up

Ghiordes Knot close-up

It was difficult to choose just one technique. But I liked the result of the Soumak technique the best, so I used this technique for the remainder of the warp. I used wrapping ribbon, yarn, silk cord, ribbon and paper string

Ghiordes Knot close-up.

Soumak technique close-up.


Below is a picture of the full sample. I like the end result. I have experimented with different materials and techniques and it was a lot of fun.

Full sample.

Full sample.


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