Stage 2 Experimenting with structures_Excercise 3 part 1

Before I started working on this exercise, I saw a picture of ‘Ojo de Dios’ (God’s Eye). In this exercise you have to make a frame using more rigid materials to wrap, bind, interlace or crisscross threads between the frame. I think ‘Ojo de Dios’ meets these criteria.

‘Ojo de Dios’ are made from yarn and sticks by native peoples of Mexico and South America. They were made to be placed on an altar so that the gods could watch over the praying people and protect them. They are now more often sold in markets, reminding us that God looks with love on people everywhere.

Jay Mohler is a South Carolina-based artist who makes the most amazing ‘Ojo de Dios’. I have pinned a picture of his work on my inspiration board for this Assigment. The URL is

I have made two ‘Ojo de Dios’. For the first one I made a cross using popsicle sticks and wrapped yarn around it. This is the result:

Ojo de Dios.

Ojo de Dios.

Because the yarn that I used was quite thin, it left an opening in the centre. I stuck a fake jewel jewel in the centre to hide this. In the sample below, I used eyelash yarn. This made the design disappear. It looks like a fluffy square.

Ojo de Dios.

Ojo de Dios.

I also made another frame using iron wire. I hid the wire by embroidering a blanket stitch around the frame with some embroidery floss. I crisscrossed yarns between the frame and left openings between the yarns. I quite like the effect

Frame made from iron wire.

Frame made from iron wire.



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