Stage 2 Experimenting with structures_ Exercise 4


I made my grid from kebab sticks. I first tried gluing the kebab sticks together, but it did not stick. So I decided to use the kebab stick in combination with iron wire. I used three kebab sticks and three pieces of iron wire to make a grid. I then started weaving yarn, ribbon, eyelash yarn, raffia and a piece of a drinking straw through the grid. I also tried working diagonally across the grid. I wanted to create one solid area and three open areas. I am not very happy about the end result. The iron wire that I used was too thin and too flexible, which made it difficult to weave materials through the grid.

Grid made from kebab sticks and iron wire.

Grid made from kebab sticks and iron wire.


Overall, I really liked enjoyed inventing constructed surfaces. I think I have gotten the best result with braiding and twisting materials. I have used a lot of different materials in exercise 3 and combined a lot of different materials with different surface qualities. I think that worked quiet well. I have used a lot of rough materials, which resulted in irregular scales and shapes.

Accurately matching colours in the images I had chosen was somewhat difficult. I think matching colours with paint is easier, because you can just keep on mixing colours until you have found the right colours. Matching colours with yarns was definitely more difficult. I used embroidery floss for this, and I found that you can have lots of different shades of the same colour, for example yellow-green, gras green, olive, mint green etc and still cannot match the colours accurately.



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