Reflection after project 9

I really enjoyed weaving. It is a lot of work, but I definitely think it is rewarding. I found weaving to be an almost meditative activity. The effects that can be achieved with weaving are really interesting and pretty. I enjoyed experimenting with different materials and techniques.

When I started collecting my yarns and other materials for this assignment, I realised that even though I have a lot of yarn, a lot of the yarn that I have is made from the same material. For instance, I have a lot if balls of eyelash yarn in different colours but I missed yarn in basic colours, such as black. While working through assignment 4, I collected a lot more yarn and other materials such as sisal, hemp cord, raffia and wrapping ribbon. These materials can change the look and feel of a sample. Yarn can give a sample a calm and warm feeling whereas natural fibres give a sample a back to nature feel.

I am pleased with my finished sample. I think I was able to translate my vision into a tapestry. I used the colours and shapes that inspired me and I can see the countryside in the sample. However, my first sample, inspired by the painting Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow by Piet Mondriaan, did not go as planned. I had trouble working from source material and I think that I underestimated how difficult it is to turn an image into a tapestry. I also wanted to use too much different techniques in one sample. I think I learned from that in my second sample inspired by the word ‘rural’. I had a lot of inspiration and ideas, but I only chose a couple of elements that spoke to me the most and tried to keep it simple.

I enjoyed putting colours together intuitively more because it does not feel limiting as opposed to working from source material. Weaving is not a very forgiving medium as it does not allow for mistakes. Having said that, I feel that it is important to also be able to work from source material, so I am going to continue working on my sample and learn how to work from source material.



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