Project 9 Woven structures_Ghiordes Knot

The Giordes Knot is the last technique mentioned in the course book. I started by cutting lots of pieces of yarn and putting them in a large container, so I could mix all the different yarns. I started weaving a couple of rows and then I knotted a couple of rows. I did not trim the yarns once I had knotted them and I really like the fluffy look. I then used a ruler to make a looped pile, as suggested in the coursebook.

Ghiordes Knot close-up.

Ghiordes Knot close-up.

Between the rows of knots I also made rows of plain weaving. It is difficult to see in the picture, but I also used plain weaving and Ghiordes Knots in the same row. This creates interesting textures.

Ghiordes and Rya knot close-up.

Ghiordes knot close-up. Fabric strips, wrapping ribbon, hemp cord and yarn.

Ghiordes Knot close-up.

Ghiordes Knot close-up.

Ghiordes Knot. Full sample.

Ghiordes Knot. Full sample.

I had a lot of fun working on this sample. I found yarn the easiest material to use for the knots. I have tried other materials such as strips of fabric, wrapping ribbon and hemp, but they were more difficult to knot. I am pleased with the end result. It was a fun technique to learn and I definitely want to use it more often.



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