Wig making class

I took a wig making class a couple of weeks ago with a friend. I had never made a wig before, so I had no idea what to expect. We had to start making a sort of swim cap first using foam. After we had finished the swim cap we could start adding some height to our wigs by using empty toilet rolls which we could decorate with all sorts of materials. Feather boas, fabric, Christmas decorations, flowers and much more. I had no idea what I was doing, but I decided to use purple sisal, fake orchids and some Christmas decorations. This is the end result:

Purple wig

Purple wig

While I was working on the wig, I got an image in my head of one of my favourite music videos, Fighter by Christina Aguilera. In the video she wears a big white wig with moths on it. I decided to use that as inspiration.


I had a really fun night and I was very pleased that I did not burn myself with the glue gun. Making the wig was really relaxing and I am definitely going to try to make another wig.


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