Stage 5 Coloured stitches

This was an eye opening exercise. It was like putting into practice what I learned in Stage 2 Colour perception. I choose to use blue and red and it is amazing to see how colours seem to change if you isolate one colour against a mass of another colour. Some of the blues seemed to turn purple against the reds. This is the whole sample:

Stage 5 Coloured stitches

Stage 5 Coloured stitches

I made a couple of close-ups of my sample, because some of the stitches seem to disappear amidst the thicker yarns.

I love the couching stitch for yarns that are difficult to stitch.

stage 5 Coloured stitches closeup 2

Couching stitch

The blue almost seems to be purple amidst all the red.

Stage 5 Coloured stitches closeup 4

Running stitch


Running stitch

Running stitch

I cheated a little and used a French knot, because I thought it would be interesting to isolate a colour like this.

French knots

French knots



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