Reflection after Project 3 Colour

I have learned so much about colours during this project. I was always a little afraid of colours even though I love them. I was afraid to colour in a drawing because I did not want to ruin it and I always thought mixing black and white was the only way to obtain grey. I was so wrong! Once I let go of my fear and my preconceived notions I found that I really love to use colours, especially paints and that I was able to mix colours accurately. I started realising this when I was working on exercise 2 of Stage 3 ‘Recording colours accurately’.

project 3 stage 3 recording colours accurately_exercise 2

project 3 stage 3 recording colours accurately_exercise 2

Once I started working more intuitively, I found that I was able to express moods in colours. And to use my eyes to see colours instead of listening to what my brain was telling me that I saw.

I also started to enjoy working in my sketchbook. Experimenting with different paints such as watercolour paint, acrylic paint and gouache and pastels. I think at this time I like working with watercolours more than with gouache because I like the translucency of the watercolours.

I like the sample that I made in Stage 5. I especially liked isolating one colour against another and how colours seem to change depending on the other colours surrounding them.

After I finished Project 3, I decided that I want to learn more about colours. So I got myself a copy of the book ‘A workshop for artistst and designers’ by David Hornung. I am looking forward to try the exercises in this book and became more confident when using colours.


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