Reflection after project 2 Developing your marks

I have now finished part one – Building a visual vocabulary. I have learned a great deal. Before I started this course, I always struggled to work in series. There are too many things that I like to do. There are too many materials that I like to work with and I never gave myself the time to stick with just one idea and explore that further. This course forces me to work structured rather than going from one idea to the next. At first, I had some trouble starting with the first project, but once I started, I found that I wanted to try all the materials that I had to make marks with. I especially liked exercise 4 of stage 2 – Making marks in an expressive way. I liked trying out different materials and finding out all the different ways to make marks. Other exercises that I liked are exercises 1 and 2 of stage 3 – Using marks to create surface textures. Browsing through magazines to find images that are rich in surface textures and after that trying to find surface textures in my apartment. I am now more aware of all the interesting textures that are around me and all the inspiration that I can find in everyday life.

After that came the stitching exercises. I always used stitching as a way of embellishing quilts or hide the seams of a quilt. So this was a whole new experience for me. I really liked using stitches to create texture. I had never used my drawings as inspiration for stitching and at first I felt a little restricted. I was not used to working in this way. But I quickly started to get really into it. I tried out all the stitches in stage 1- Preparation and I learned that the fabric that I use is not just the background. It is important to use a fabric that goes with the yarn or thread that you use and that it helps creating the effect that you want to achieve.

I had some trouble with the composition in the samples that I made in Stage 2 – Exploring marks and lines through stitch techniques. I did not just want to try out different threads and shapes. I wanted to have cohesion rather than just random shapes on a piece of fabric. I feel like I succeeded in this pretty well.

Although I do not like all the samples that I made, I do not think that I want to change anything. I have learned as much from the mistakes that I made as from the samples that worked out well. I am definitely going to explore using stitching to create textures further. I really like the effects that can be achieved. I do want to explore using drawings as inspiration for stitching further, as well as using unusual materials to create textures.


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