Reflection after Project 1 Making marks

I have tried some of these techniques for making marks in the past, such as collage, rubbings and crayon scratch. But I had used a different way of doing a crayon scratch in the past. I once did a crayon scratch by putting a thick coat of black paint on top of the crayon layers. During project 1, I tried the crayon scratch with the black paint and by only using crayons.

In the beginning, I had some problems starting making marks because I thought about it too much instead of expressing the emotions that I felt looking at the words. Some words were easier to express in markings than others. Words as bumpy and sharp were easier the express than smooth and soft. Putting my work in my sketchbook, I noticed that some marks were somewhat alike, but I think that I was inventive. I tried using all sorts of different media, e.g. crayons, pastels, graphite pencils, coloured pencils, acrylic paint and embroidery floss and different papers. Having said this, I’m still insecure about my drawing. I think that the drawings that I made are sufficient to use as inspiration for working in textiles but I’m by no means a great drawer.

Overall, I am happy with the work I produced. Once I started making the marks rather than thinking about it too much, I started enjoying it and it became easier. I did notice that I often came back to the overlapping circles. The exercises that I enjoyed the most are exercise 4 of stage 2 and exercise 1 of stage 3. What I liked about exercise 4 of stage 2 is the experimenting. I liked trying out al the different ways of making marks and I did not feel confined. I could use all the mediums that I have and just play with it. During this exercise I found that I am drawn to coloured pencils, especially the Derwent Inktense pencils. I love the vibrant colours that appear once you wet your drawing. Making collages is something that I want to explore further. It is a great way of making marks and you can use all sorts of bits and pieces that you have lying around to create textures.  Another form of mark making that I want to try is making my own stamps, e.g. carving designs in erasers. This is something that I have not tried before, but I think it is a great way to make marks.

I had a great time browsing through magazines, looking for images with a lot of surface texture and trying out media to mimic these textures. I am more aware now of all the textures that are around me; in the magazines that I read, in my own home and in nature. All though I have not yet used nature as an inspiration yet, but I certainly will in the future.


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