Project 2 Developing your marks

For stage 1, I started with selecting choosing drawings that I’d like to try using stitches. I wasn’t familiar with all the stitches, so I tried them all.

For this sample, I used the running stitch and couching. I like this sample, because there is a lot of texture in it.

I used the stem stitch, which I had never tried before, on hand dyed fabric.

I had never tried the herringbone stitch and the open cretan stitch before. The first stitches are very irregular, but it got better after a while. I had fun trying out these stitches, and I especially like effect of the open cretan stitch.

The blanket stitch is one of the first stitches that my mother has taught me when I was younger. It is one of my favourite stitches.

I used the chain stitch for this sample.

This is my favourite sample. I made french knots using three different green yarns. I love the texture and the contrast of the colours.


One thought on “Project 2 Developing your marks

  1. Dear Marjolein, I am also on the creative approach course, and I found your learning log today.
    I think this french not sample is great too – I love the way your eye makes it into a gradient when it’s only 3 different colours of yarn.

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