Stage 3 Recording colours accurately exercise 3

I used a painting by Ton Pret, called ‘Giant memory’ for this exercise. I zoomed in on a couple of details in the painting. I think I was pretty successful in recording the colours, but I was not easy mixing the colours because even though there are only a couple of colours in the painting, the colours all seemed to be different depending on the colours surrounding them.



Stage 3 Recording colours accurately exercise 1

For this exercise, I used water colour paint and acrylic paint. I tried all the ways to mix paint mentioned in this exercise. I had some trouble mixing the colours with black. I did not manage a fluent transition from light to darker colours. My colours became really dark. I thought mixing colour with white and with their complementary colours was easier. I was surprised at the results I got from mixing complementary colours. I expected to get really dull brown or grey colours, but the colours were actually really pretty. I especially like the results I got from mixing cerulean blue and grey.

Fern leaf sketchbook

During the weekend, I made a little sketchbook, using a fern leaf as inspiration. I used different techniques to record the leaf. The cover is made out of dryer sheets.

I drew the leaf on the first page using a 2H pencil. For the second page, I made a stamp by carving a leaf in a of piece of foam sheet and for the third page, I used the fern leaf as a stamp.

Hammered leaf print and a rubbing.

The actual leaf.

The back of the sketchbook.